Toy Chef Kids Kitchen Toy Play-set Kitchen

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KITCHEN PLAY WITH THAT SOMETHING EXTRA: Fill the working sink with water open the faucet and watch the water drain and flow! The “electric” stove makes sizzling sounds for an added dimension of cooking play EVERYTHING THE MASTER CHEF NEEDS: Pots pans utensils cartons of mix and milk an oven that opens and closes and a sink for washing up after even a drawing board for a menu or doodles your budding chef has all they need for hours of food and drawing play COOK UP ABSORBING IMAGINATIVE PLAY: Please play with your food! Divide the veggies into halves (they stick back together with Velcro!) have a tea party (tea kettle included) with macaroons and muffins use the “Donut Mix” to pretend bake and host a party for the other toys


Made of durable high-impact plastic everything snaps together into a place
It wipes down easily with a damp cloth and can’t be damaged or stained by water

Utensils: spoon fork chef’s knives spatulas.
Food: one each eggplant corn and tomato; 6 macarons 6 cupcakes.
Cookware: 2 pans teakettle; 1 each cup bowl and tumbler; drawing board and carrot-shaped stylus and storage for everything!

26.8 x 7.1 x 15.9 inches

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