Softbox Lighting Kit, 2 Softbox, Backdrop Support Stand, Backdrops

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  • [2 X Photography Studio Softbox]20*28 inch; With 135W bulbs, it will soften light stream and remove shadow to make perfect shooting result; moreover, it will reduce overexposure and hot spots; perfect for any object’s shooting
  • [2 X 6.6 Feet Light Stand]80 inch height. Its solid locking capabilities ensure the safety of your lighting equipment when in use.
  • [3 X Nonwoven Collapsible Backgrounds ]5*10 feet (1.6m*3m), Black/White/Green, lightweight and easy to use. Suitable for any costume, portrait and large object photography
  • [1 X Feet Backdrop Support Stand] 6.6*10 feet (2.6m*3m). The background stands are made from aluminum alloy, giving them excellent strength for holding up any variety of backgrounds. Quick single action safety locks make set up a breeze. Easily change the height of the background stand with the quick adjustment levers
  • [Applications]This continuous softbox studio kit provides soft lighting or hard lighting effect. Perfect for costume, portrait and large object shooting, let's take professional photos with Upland Premium Quality Photo Studio Lighting Kit. [Instructions can be downloaded on this product page from ''Technical Specification'']

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